Angel & Rubi Pet Care

Angel & Rubi Pet Care is a dog walker based in Manchester. Mandi approached me after seeing some of the other dog walking websites I had created. She started her business a number of months ago. Despite not ranking on Google she had managed to get a few clients and a handful of reviews.

The design was completed quickly though we do still need to swap out a few images when Mandi is free to meet me for a photo session. The SEO campaign began with building some backlinks from other pet related websites and some web directories. Blog posts followed which were focused both on Manchester and pets.

Mandi wanted an attractive looking website that would rank well in Google and allow her to grow her pet services business quickly. She admits to not being very technical and did not give me any fixed ideas regarding colour schemes etc. She did however already have a logo.

Since Mandi already had a logo for her business I came up with a colour scheme for the website that would work with this. The design was completed fairly quickly and luckily Mandi was very happy with the look. After the design I eventually met with Mandi so that I could get some photographs that we would use in blog posts.

The SEO campaign has gone well but took slightly longer than expected. On most metrics Mandi is beating her competition but she was weak on social media and I have no control over her Facebook and Instagram but have given some advice. There are still some improvements that can be made on her Google business profile but again I don’t have access to this and I’m reliant on the client to follow instructions.

We were unable to achieve a page 1 ranking from on page SEO and backlinks alone. It wasn’t until we began posting relevant blog articles that we saw progress. The website is now near the top of page 1 for dog walking terms like ‘dog walkers Manchester’. The website also ranks well for dog sitting and cat sitting terms when compared to her main competition. However for cat sitting those who rank best seem to be different competitors who are cat only specialists. We plan to build some backlinks to these ‘inner’ service pages. You can view the live website here:

Angel & Rubi Pet Care

Page Speed Results

How fast your website loads is now a Google ranking factor. We only use Kadence theme because it’s fast. We only recommend WordPress hosting that supports Lightspeed for best results. The following speed results were obtained from Pingdom.

0.217 SEC

A website built using Kadence theme along with hosting by WPX results in very fast load times.

329 KB

A well coded WordPress theme like Kadence and image compression results in small page sizes.

20 Requests

By combining CSS and JavaScript less files need to be requested which results in fast loading websites.