Angel & Rubi Pet Care

Angel & Rubi Pet Care is my current project. Mandi approached me after seeing some of the other dog walking websites I had created. She started her business a number of months ago. Despite not ranking on Google she had managed to get a few clients and a handful of reviews.

The design was completed quickly though we do still need to swap out a few images when Mandi is free to meet me for a photo session. The SEO campaign has started with backlinks. We have ideas for a number of blog posts to improve the range of keywords and hits each month but again I need to visit Manchester to take photos.

Mandi wanted an attractive looking website that would rank well in Google and allow her to grow her pet services business quickly. She admits to not being very technical and did not give me any fixed ideas regarding colour schemes etc.

Since Mandi already had a logo for her business I came up with a colour scheme for the website that would work with this. The design was completed fairly quickly and luckily Mandi was very happy with the look. I do however need to meet with Mandi to take some photos that we can use on the website and for future blog articles.

The SEO campaign has started. Many of the backlinks we have built have already been indexed by Google. The website domain authority is improving. We also plan to create some blogs to widen the number of keywords that the website ranks for and improve the monthly clicks as a result. I have lots of ideas for blog articles but really need to visit Manchester to obtain images. I have also tidied up the Google Business Profile which had too many images, most of which had virtually no views. The profile now only includes images that are technically good or those that already have a decent number of views.

The project is ongoing. I had hoped to visit Mandi in Manchester to take lots of photos but she had to cancel at the last minute. Once we have 7 or 8 blog articles I’m hopeful that the website will be ranking on page 1 of Google for the main keywords. I will report back in October. You can view the live website here.

Page Speed Results

How fast your website loads is now a Google ranking factor. We only use Kadence theme because it’s fast. We only recommend WordPress hosting that supports Lightspeed for best results. The following speed results were obtained from Pingdom.