Project Overview

Northampton Dog Walker

I moved to Northampton in the summer of 2016. In March 2017 we welcomed a 7 month old Border Collie to our home. A desire to spend more time with him resulted in starting my own dog walking business.

The website was completed quickly and within 2 months it was ranking at the top of Google for the main keywords.

Northampton Dog Walker

The Client

Myself – Pet Services

The Project Brief

Having sold a travel business I needed to build another business quite quickly and start earning.

The Challenge

Due to the need to rank quickly I needed to attack this project full-on. As well as ensuring the website was hosted on a fast server, care was taken to build backlinks to improve domain authority quickly. It was also decided that blogging would help get Google’s attention more quickly.

The Process

From Concept to Launch and Beyond

Northampton Dog Walker was my first pet services website and it turned out to be quite sucessful. As a result of others finding this website I have been asked to design numerous pet service websites for other people.

Research and Planning

Before making the decision to go into pet services I looked at the existing competition to establish how hard it would be to rank in search engines quickly. It quickly became clear that most pet service providers didn’t take their websites very seriously. Many were slow to load, had poor domain authority and missed many on and off page SEO metrics.

Design and Prototyping

When looking at large numbers of dog walking websites it became clear what sort of information should be included. As well as listing the individual services, other sections to consider included reviews, contact information, prices and reasons to use this company. Since photography was a hobby I was able to use my own high quality images rather than rely on a stock photography website.

Review and Testing

The completed design was tested on desktop and mobile devices to ensure everything worked as expected. The page loading speed was also tested using online tools.


Once the website was launched we were able to get it to rank on page 1 of Google within 2 months. This was achieved mostly by a combination of building backlinks and writing regular blog posts targeting a wide range of relevant keywords.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

The website has maintained the ranking since it went live in 2017. There have been some subtle changes to the design in this time.



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