PetsA2B was a business I started during Covid when I noticed the demand for pet transport services. Despite being a new venture I was able to build and rank the website in Google very quickly. Being on page 1 of Google resulted in a large number of enquiries which kept 2 drivers busy full time.

I sold the business in August 2022 to another pet transporter though they are paying us to continue to manage the website. We are also in discussions about taking over their other existing pet transport business to redesign it and improve it’s position within Google.

This was a fast moving project. During Covid there was a huge increase in the demand for pet transport services. The aim was to have this new business ranking in Google quickly to take advantage of this spike in demand. The website would need to look professional, load quickly and make it easy for potential customers to enquire about quotes.

The website was built using Kadence, my WordPress theme of choice. Many hours were spent on the search engine optimisation, tweaking the content and building backlinks until we finally managed to rank on page 1 of Google for the main keywords. Despite being a new business, PetsA2B outranks much larger, established businesses. Targeting a national audience rather than a local demographic makes this much more competitive in terms of SEO.

The high Google ranking resulted in a huge number of enquiries, more than 2 drivers could handle. Even when Covid restrictions ended demand for pet transport maintained at a level to keep PetsA2B very busy. Iain retired in March 2022 and I then sold the business in August 2022 to an existing pet transporter who wanted to expand.

Arwen Web Design will continue to manage this website for the new owner. You can visit the live website here:


Page Speed Results

How fast your website loads is now a Google ranking factor. We only use Kadence theme because it’s fast. We only recommend WordPress hosting that supports Lightspeed for best results. The following speed results were obtained from Pingdom.