Project Overview


PetsA2B was a business I started during Covid. Despite being a new venture I was able to build and rank the website in Google very quickly. Being on page 1 of Google resulted in keeping 2 drivers busy full time.

I sold the business in August 2022 to another pet transporter. We continue to manage the website and they have asked us to manage two other websites they own.

PetsA2B Website

The Client

Myself – Pet Transporter

The Project Brief

Due to Covid lockdown my other pet businesses went quiet. I noticed a huge demand for pet transport services and needed to build a website that would look attractive to visitors and rank quickly to take advantage of the demand.

The Challenge

The main challenge was the speed required for this project. The finished design did not take too long since I was the client and knew exactly what I wanted to say. The SEO campaign is where most of the hours went. It paid off as I was able to rank the website on page 1 for the main keywords in just a couple of months.

The Process

Pet transport was an industry that saw a huge increase in demand during the Covid lockdowns. To respond to this demand quickly the domain name PetsA2B was purchased. The design and SEO took about 3 months and the website continues to generate a healthy income for the new owner.

Initial Consultation

Since I was the client there was no real consultation involved. The pet transport industry saw a huge demand spike during Covid and speed of completion was the main factor as I did not know how long the huge demand would last.

Research and Planning

I was able to use various online tools to guage the best keywords to target and what the recent historic search volumes were. This revealed that this was a healthy niche even pre Covid. I looked at some other high ranking websites in this niche to decide what content to include.

Design and Prototyping

The website was designed using the Kadence theme for WordPress. Kadence is a popular theme which is relatively easy to use and results in fast loading websites. Page loading speed is a Google ranking factor.


The website was launched very quickly so that we could move on to the search engine optimisation. Within 3 months of going live the website was ranking on page 1 for the main keywords. The website was generating more business than 2 full time pet transporters could handle.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

I decided to sell this business in the summer of 2022 and contacted existing pet transporters. The eventual buyer was Hannah Dobbs who is from a family that also owns Pet Transport Services. As part of the sale they wanted me to continue to manage the website for a monthly fee. Since selling the business I now also look after two of their other websites.



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