Portobello Paws

Ruth contacted me after finding some of the other pet services websites that I have designed for people. Ruth had started Portobello Paws during lockdown in 2020, purchased the domain name with a view to using Squarespace to design the website herself.

By the time I was contacted Ruth had already had a logo designed and based on the colours used I created her website. At the time of writing I am working on the search engine optimisation for the website.


Portobello Paws is a new business trying to establish itself in a competitive part of the country for pet services, namely West London.

I was asked to carry out both the website design and also carry out SEO in an effort to secure page 1 Google ranking for the main keywords.

The design was completed within a month but there are still some changes to images that I would like to make once I’m able to meet Ruth in person. The SEO is well underway and I hope to see real progress on the Google ranking sometimes in June.

Ruth approached me as someone with no experience of building a website. She was planning to try Squarespace based on the belief it would be easy to use. After contacting me I explained that a WordPress website built with the correct theme would have similar ease of use. I also made it clear that it would have the added benefits of being cheaper in the long run (annual costs of WordPress hosting vs Squarespace) plus faster loading which is important for ranking in Google.

The main requirements for Ruth was that the website would look more professional than the local competition and rank well for the main search terms. Ruth is delighted with the outcome.

The website was created using the Kadence theme and Kadence blocks for Gutenberg. Ruth had already had a logo designed and we used this to come up with the colour scheme for the website. The design itself happened quickly despite not being able to meet with Ruth at the start of the project. I still plan to meet up and take my camera to obtain higher quality images that we can use both on the website and on social media.

Once the main design was completed I began the SEO campaign. This mainly involved building relevant backlinks and adding her website to many directories like Yell and Yelp. The aim is to achieve a domain authority that matches the main competition as fast as possible.

The main website design is complete but I do need to add some more blog articles and swap out some of the images for better ones. After a period of time the website was ranking well for the following terms:

West London Dog Walkers
West London Dog Boarding
West London Pet Transport
West London Dog Grooming

. This page will be updated then to report back on our progress. Click here to visit the website.

Page Speed is an important Google ranking factor. Tested in Pingdom.