Premium Dog Walkers

Premium Dog Walkers is a new website, started in April 2020. The website build was completed quickly and we are currently working on search engine optimisation.  

The long term aim is to be the top result for those searching for a dog walking service in a large number of towns and cities. To do this we need to build up the domain authority in general and page authority for each location page. 

Premium Dog Walkers Responsive Image

The Design Process

The design process for Premium Dog Walkers was completed quite quickly. The sky blue with orange accents colour scheme came quickly and seemed to ‘feel’ right for the project. The logo was a stock image that was purchased. The company name was added using the Calibri font which is free to use and is very legible and clean. The text was added around the graphic in a circular fashion. Even when an oblong logo is used for a website creating a circular version is often required for social media like Facebook and Instagram. 

The main hero section is two columns with image to the left and text to the right. It’s not that I dislike full width image headers as they can look great on a desktop. The problem is how they display on mobile screens which are held in portrait format. Generally the large full width hero image will either be clipped badly or the designer will decide to not show it at all on mobile view. Using two columns means the columns can stack one on top of the other in mobile view. 

The SEO Process

The search engine optimisation for this project is ongoing and will be more difficult than most projects. The targeted keywords are pet services in various towns and cities. For example:

  • Dog Walkers Northampton
  • Dog Walkers Coventry
  • Dog Walkers Cambridge

One of the problems is that we will be trying to rank an ‘inner’ location page rather than the home page. We therefore need to ensure that our link building and other off page SEO concentrates on these location pages. We will also need to use internal links that point to these location pages. Internal links help tell search engines which pages are the most important. 

Perhaps an even bigger problem relates to local search. By local search I mean the map listing with 3 results which appears near the top of local searches. The aim of this website is to attract people to become agents for Premium Dog Walkers in various UK locations. It’s much easier to convince someone to become an agent if you have the top ranking page in their area. It’s not easy though to obtain this top ranking result without a Google My Business page in each town and city you are targeting. Without an address in each location it’s hard to get a listing. It’s a classic chicken and egg situation. 

We have also started both a Facebook and Instagram page for the business and try to post regularly. Social media is important for SEO. I appreciate people sometimes find it hard to be active on social media, either due to lack of time or not knowing what to post about. For a local business though, if you only have time for one social media platform I would advise you use Facebook.

We will update this page with our SEO results from time to time. If you would like to look at the website we designed for this project please click the following link:

Premium Dog Walkers