Premium Dog Walkers

Premium Dog Walkers was a website I started in 2020 during the first lockdown. At the time I was not sure whether to make it another local pet services business or use it to start a franchise model.

When all my time was taken up with pet transport and PetsA2B I put Premium Dog Walkers on the back burner. Then in August 2022 I decided to spend some time working on the SEO to target the Northampton area.

Premium Dog Walkers was an idea that started during lockdown. Unsure what direction to take it in progress stopped. In any case I was too busy with my other new business, PetsA2B.

In August 2022 I decided to revive the idea and the aim is now to get the website to page 1 of Google for the main keywords. I’ve set myself a deadline of October to complete this.

The basic design was completed in 2020. A few tweaks were made in August 2020 which is also when I started to take the SEO for this website seriously.

Over the coming months we aim to improve the Google ranking in order to get some clients, hopefully some reviews and some images of pets for our social media.

In early August we are already seeing some improvement in our ranking for our main dog walking keyword. By October we hope to be on page 1 for all relevant keywords. We will report back on our progress.

Page Speed Results

How fast your website loads is now a Google ranking factor. We only use Kadence theme because it’s fast. We only recommend WordPress hosting that supports Lightspeed for best results. The following speed results were obtained from Pingdom.