Northampton SEO case study

Northampton SEO case study

Over the coming months we plan to do a collection of articles relating to SEO case studies. We are a local Northampton SEO business who have worked with businesses both in Northampton and further afield. These case studies are all real examples of what we can do to help a small business with their search engine optimisation.

Northampton SEO case study – Northampton Dog Walker

Northampton Dog Walker is actually another one of my own businesses. Whilst I was waiting for Arwen Web Design to take off I was looking at other opportunities. Since I have to walk my own dog twice a day, dog walking seemed a logical choice. Research revealed that very few dog walkers take SEO seriously. This gave me confidence that I could get a new website to rank on page 1 of Google quickly.

The design of the website took me 2 weeks. I then set myself a target of 2-3 months to get on to page 1 of Google. This is actually very ambitious for a new website but is possible in less competitive industry types.

Northampton SEO case study – Our process

We initially did some research on what the popular keywords were for a local pet services website. Keyword research is best done even before the design is started. Knowledge of the best keywords dictates so many on page SEO factors. Examples include what to call your pages and what to use as header tags. Also important was each page title and meta description. You can only really create these once you know your target keywords. There are of course many other on page SEO factors which we took into account when building the website.

Once the site was completed and went live it was then time to concentrate on the off page SEO. If you are a local business you will often want a Northampton SEO service who concentrates both on the local pack and organic rankings. By local pack we mean the 3 results that appear next to map for local searches for services like restaurants, plumbers, electricians and yes even dog walkers. The following image highlights a search for the term ‘dog walkers Northampton’ and shows Northampton Dog Walker at the top of this search.

Northampton SEO Company
Local Pack result for dog walkers Northampton

The organic results are those that appear just below the local pack and you can see from the image below that Northampton Dog Walker is also top for this term.

Page 1 Google for organic search
Dog walkers Northampton Organic Search

Many of the factors that influence the organic rankings also apply to the local results but there are some important differences that your SEO professional should know. We were able to achieve our page 1 ranking for the main keywords within the 2 months. Things continued to improve so that not only are we on page 1 for these terms but we are the number 1 result for most.

Northampton SEO case study – Sample keywords

In order to verify our results for anyone reading this post I thought we should list some sample keywords. The website ranks on page 1 for many keywords but we have only listed those that are most relevant. By most relevant I mean those that are most important to the business and have the highest conversion rate.

  • Dog Walker (when searched from the Northampton area)
  • Dog walkers near me (when searched from the Northampton area)
  • Pet transport (when searched from Northampton area)
  • Dog transport (when searched from Northampton area)
  • Dog walking services (when searched from Northampton area)
  • Dog walkers Northampton
  • Dog sitters Northampton
  • Dog photographer (when searched from Northampton area)

Please feel free to search these terms yourself in Google to see the results. Alternatively click the link below to view the website we created.

Northampton Dog Walker

If you want to discuss our Northampton SEO service please contact us.

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