Walks and Cuddles

i was contacted by Sienna from Walks and Cuddles in early 2020. Her pet services business had existed for a few years. She had recently lost a few clients and had noticed an increased level of competition within Nottingham. 

The project was to redesign her existing website and get it to rank top of Google for the main keywords. 

Walks and Cuddles Responsive Design

The Design Process

In this instance the company already had a website. It was even a WordPress website. It was based around a StudioPress theme. I myself have previously used StudioPress themes before switching to using a page builder. 

The existing website was better looking than most of the local competition but still had some weaknesses. The logo for example was barely legible at the size it was being displayed. The client decided they did want a redesign to freshen things up. She wanted to maintain the existing logo but display it larger. She was also keen to keep the general purple colour scheme. 

The design was completed within a month. Having designed a number of dog walking websites I have lots of experience and feedback regarding what sort of designs work best. You would be amazed at how many people who design their own pet website use garish, clashing colours, comic sans font or use out of focus or poor photographs to illustrate their services. 

The SEO Process

The search engine optimisation for Walks and Cuddles started as soon as the design was completed. Unlike a new startup, Google was already aware that the domain name existed. It was actually ranking on page 2 of Google for the main keyword of ‘dog walkers Nottingham’. Page 2 might sound good but there is an expression within web design circles that says:

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google.

Most of the on page SEO had been done at the web design stage. Some of the on page SEO tasks included:

  • Using keywords within header tags.
  • Ensuring all images had alt text that targeted various keywords. 
  • Using LSI keywords within the content of pages.
  • Starting a blog to target a broad range of pet related keywords. 

The off page SEO was largely focused on building backlinks and attracting more social shares for the website. Both are tasks that most dog walkers ignore. The backlinks were a combination of links from other pet service websites and backlinks from citation building. Citations are especially important for a local business like this. Most of the backlinks we seek are what are known as ‘dofollow’ backlinks. However a natural looking backlink profile would have a combination of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. 

Within a period of 2 months the website was appearing in the top half of page 1. By month 3 the website was the very top result for the main keyword. Feel free to check the ranking of this website for the following keywords:

  • Dog walker Nottingham
  • Dog walkers Nottingham
  • Dog walking in Nottingham
  • Pet sitters Nottingham
  • Dog sitting Nottingham
  • Dog sitters Nottingham
  • Cat sitters Nottingham