Project Overview

K9 Weddings

K9 Weddings is a pet service business aimed at couples who would like for their dog to be a special part of their wedding day. Wedding related websites often have a specific ‘look’ with certain colour schemes and fonts used. Our aim was to produce a website with a classic, luxury feel.

The Client

Myself – K9 Weddings

The Project Brief

Due to a downturn in demand for dog walking since Covid I decided to widen the services I offered to include a dog chaperone service for weddings. It was important that the website gave an impression of a high quality, luxury service.

The Challenge

When looking at service providers who serve the wedding market it’s clear that the websites aim to appear high end and luxury. I was clear that two ways to achieve this would be the careful selection of colours and fonts used.

The Process

From Concept to Launch and Beyond

I think we can all agree that weddings are an expensive business. In order to charge a premium price for the service you offer it’s important to focus on attention to detail.

Research and Planning

When looking at the competition it was clear that many of the websites did have a high end, quality look about them. Most had outsourced their website to a specialist. While the aim was to try and match the compeition in terms of quality of design, I felt we would be able to beat the competition in other aspects like search engine optimisation.

Design and Prototyping

Once the colours and fonts were settled on the design moved very quickly. Initially I had to mostly rely on using stock photography websites to illustrate the website. Over time we hope to swap to our own images once we complete more bookings.


The completed website was tested for mobile responsiveness in desktop and mobile browsers. Various page loading speed tools were also used to benchmark the website against the competition.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

The website started ranking within a few months. It is now attracting roughly 2 enquiries a month without the need to attend wedding fairs. Since the aim is to only offer 10-15 weddings in the first year I feel the website will be able to support the growth of this new business.



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