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I know that search engine optimisation is a topic most business owners don’t understand. It’s not something you can ignore though if your business depends on enquiries from search engines like Google.

Our Northampton SEO services will improve your ranking and generate the sort of results that will impact your bottom line. Whatever you are spending on your digital marketing currently, we firmly believe we can achieve better results at lower cost. Get in touch for a free SEO consultation.

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Our Search Engine Optimisation Process

In order to help our clients succeed online we will undertake a detailed analysis of your business. We will look at your existing website (if you have one) as well as your competitors’ websites. 

Keyword research will then be undertaken to come up with a list of the key phrases that we feel are the most relevant to your business. 

We will then give you an honest opinion about how competitive your niche is and how long we feel it will take to get your website on page 1 of Google.

For many Northamptonshire businesses we are able to achieve a Google page 1 ranking within 4 months. Further down this page we list some examples of how we have helped small Northampton based business owners with their SEO.

Some SEO Ranking Factors

Google does not disclose how its search engine algorithm works. Despite this many in the SEO industry have done detailed tests using a very large sample of domains. Some of the agreed factors that influence rankings include:

  • Good Backlinks (they improve your domain authority).
  • Content (Google likes regular, fresh content which is why we advise using a blog). 
  • Page loading speed (the tools your website is built with will have a big impact on how fast it can load. We only use the fastest WordPress technologies. Keep page size small, use caching and CDN and host on fast web servers).
  • Encryption (Google is pushing all websites to go secure / https).
  • Mobile responsive (more than 60% of searches take place on mobile devices. Your website needs to look good on mobile and load fast). 
  • User signals (Google tracks user habits and measures CTR (Click through rate) and Dwell Time. Keep visitors on your website for longer by making your website ‘sticky’ so visitors don’t bounce back). 
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Page 1 Google SEO


My personal definition of SEO working is when your website is on page 1 of Google for your main keywords. The length of time this takes will depend on how competitive your particular industry is.

For local businesses competing in their region I expect to take up to 4 months. For businesses who are targeting national search terms it can sometimes take 6 months.

No we are able to help individuals and companies across the UK with their internet marketing. Some case studies appear within this website but feel free to contact us for more examples of how we have helped others across the UK.

Fill Out This Form For A Free SEO Audit.

If you are a small business owner who wants to know why your competitors are on page 1 of Google and you aren’t, our free SEO audit will reveal the main reasons .

Simply complete the form giving your web address and we will reply in a few days with a detailed SEO Audit. The audit will look at what we feel are some of your main keywords. It will also detail how your website compares to your competition who are currently on page 1 of Google for these keywords. A large range of factors will be mentioned and listed in order of importance.

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