Project Overview

Motorhome Vagabond

Motorhome Vagabond is a travel blog that started in 2010. With a large amount of content it was important to come up with a design that would be easy for viewers to find what they wanted.

The design is clean and modern and despite the fact that the website is not updated regularly it still receives lots of traffic from Google.

The Client

Gary Box – Motorhome Vagabond

The Project Brief

To design an attractive travel blog with a focus on motorhomes and campervans. The website should also try and be image rich since photography is a hobby.

The Challenge

The challenge was to attract lots of interested readers. When the website was active it used to attract lots of traffic and comments on blog articles.

The Process

Motorhome Vagabond has undergone a few design changes over the years. It is no longer updated on a regular basis as I no longer own a motorhome and I’m kept far too busy with my other businesses.

Research and Planning

My research revealed that back in 2010 there was already lots of interest in the topic of living in a motorhome, which is often referred to as fulltiming. The interest in ‘van life’ continues to increase though much of the content is now consumed on YouTube rather than reading blogs.

Design and Prototyping

The design of Motorhome Vagabond has changed over the years as you would perhaps expect considering it dates back to 2010. I’m very pleased with the current look and it’s a shame in many ways that it’s no longer regularly updated.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

As stated I no longer have time to regularly update this website. Despite this it still receives healthy traffic due to some of the past articles. I’ve even had people ask if I would sell the domain but none of the offers have been serious enough.



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